The Hidesight ® is an add on device for red dot, and holographic weapon sights. Hidesight enables the user to view the sight picture of the red dot sight while staying hidden behind shielding obstacles. It mounts behind the main sight, and enables the user to see through the users existing red dot, or holographic sight while staying concealed behind obstacles. Hidesight enables the user to observe or engage targets while staying protected from direct fire/ observation. Hidesight is highly useful in situations where the opposing force is significantly larger in size, carrying body armor is not an option, or when the opposing force tries to advance with help of indirect fire.

Hidesight projects a non magnifying, non inverted “true image” view trough the weapons main non magnifying optics. It is light weight and can be pushed aside from the sighting path, without detaching from the picatinny mount. It mounts behind the main red dot/ laser dot sight, on a picatinny rail. It is compatible with a wide variety of 1x magnifying (non magnifying) red dot and laser dot sights. It enables the user three selectable viewing modes where the first one is the normal mode.

Hidesight mode options

Hidesight viewing mode options, normal mode, side view mode and trench mode.

Normal mode, the sights both frames are pressed closed. This allows the user clear view trough the Hidesight, in the traditional shooting position. In this mode there are no lenses between the users eyes and the primary sight, only air. Side view mode, where the sights first frame is open, making an +90degree viewing angle. This mode is designed to be used mostly on house corners or window frames, allowing the user to be as close to the protective object as possible. Trench mode, where both frames are open, making an +45 degree viewing angle. This mode is best suited for trench like firing positions where the user sights over a covering wall, bolder or mound. The Hidesight can be rotated 270 degrees around the main optical axis in any of the modes.


Hidesight  270 degree rotation demonstrated

Hidesight Trench mode
It has a dual mechanism safety feature preventing accidental opening of the frames. This is to prevent the frames from opening during normal weapon handling, the rifle falling, or when it is stored in its bag. The dual mechanism safety only applies in the frames closed positions, from the open position the frames can simply be pushed closed. This is highly important because this makes the transition from side view mode or trench mode to normal mode very fast. The sights optical panels can be easily cleaned in field environment, and replaced by the user without specific tools if they are broken.
The Hidesight weapon sight attachment gives the soldier the capability to turn a normal house corner, window frame or simple entrenchment into a “fortified firing position”. It is a cost effective and fast way of protecting the soldier in various deployment situations. Hidesight has several unique features that makes it stand out from other devices constructed for similar use. Hidesight was designed to be a robust, cost effective, reliable solution to give additional protection to ground troops.

Further information can be found in the user manual, which is shipped with the Hidesight and can be found below:

Hidesight user manual