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The Hidesight ® is an add on device for red dot and holographic weapon sights. It mounts behind the main sight, and enables the user to see through the users existing red dot, or holographic sight while staying concealed behind obstacles. Hidesight enables the user to observe or engage targets while staying protected from direct fire/observation. Hidesight is highly useful in situations where the opposing force is significantly larger in size, carrying body armor is not an option, or when the opposing force tries to advance with help of indirect fire.

Hidesight fits flat faced 30mm diameter scope mounting rings. We encourage customers to measure the optical axis height of their optics prior to purchase, as hidesight ships with an mount with 30mm optical axis height above rail top. Shorter mounting rings are not advised, because they may limit the rotation of the sight.

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Picatinny rail in pictures is not included. Product is shipped in discreet brown cardboard box.


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